Welcome to Introduction to Computing!

This is a first course in computing, and the goal of the course is to introduce you to fundamental principles of computational thinking. The immersive edition of the course will run over a period of six weeks.

Course Timings & Logistics

The course will be delivered through Canvas. As a registered student of the course, you will be added to Canvas automatically.

Discussion Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: 4:30PM to 6PM

Labs: 10-11AM on Thursdays and Fridays & 4:30-6PM on Tuesdays

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Course Logistics

TA Details

Class Plan

Week 1: Introduction to Computational Thinking

Week 2: Variables, Expressions, Statements, and Conditionals

Week 3: Control Flow: Loops and Functions

Week 4: Strings and Lists

Week 5: Dictionaries and Tuples

Week 6: Recap and Project Work

Grading Policy (Tentative)